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The ONE THING that’s guaranteed to position you as an expert

Struggling to build your personal or business brand? Not sure how to better position yourself as an expert with unique skill sets and knowledge? There’s one simple answer you might not have considered:

Write a book.

It’s true. This one thing—especially if it’s an actual printed book rather than a Kindle or eBook—has the power to grow your business beyond your expectations. Although there are steps to writing a book and getting it published, it’s all worth it. You’ll experience a whole new world of opportunities simply by having your name on the cover of a book. Below are five positive advantages you’ll discover right away.


Imagine you’re at a conference or local networking group and you meet two business professionals who both specialize in branding—something you know you need help with.

One business professional says all the right things. She’s been in business for years and worked with some top-notch business owners. She has great ideas for how she can help you solidify your branding.

The other has a similar history and story, with one added bonus: she’s just handed you a copy of her latest bestselling book. It’s a professionally printed, substantial publication that practically exudes confidence.

Which coach do you think shows more authority in her field? The one with the book, of course. There really is nothing better when it comes to establishing your authority in any niche than having a book with your name on it.


So why does a book speak so highly of you and establish your authority so well? Because it gives you a platform to show off your expertise. It’s like being invited to present on any topic you choose on the world’s largest stage.

Not only that, but your readers are a captive audience. They’re listening—in that moment—only to you. That’s a powerful position to be in, and one that gives you an opportunity to really show off your stuff. For me, this was also a confidence boost that forced into a process that allows you to examine all the best options for your unique skill sets.

Market Reach

No matter how much traffic your YouTube channel or your Facebook page receives, nothing will ever compare to the number of potential readers Amazon and other online booksellers can bring your way.

Positioned correctly, your book can reach millions of new readers, and thousands of potential clients. Combine that with the expertise and authority we know comes with being a published author, and that’s a recipe for success that can’t be beat.

Better Than a Business Card

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you’ve no doubt collected a stack of business cards. You get home and toss them in a drawer, and six months later you throw them out, without ever having contacted the people who gave them to you.

But if one of those people handed you a book instead, what happened? You’ve likely read it (or at least leafed through it). You almost certainly didn’t throw it away. And you remember it—and the person who wrote it.

Media Opportunities

Turn on your television to any interview show, browse through Huffington Post, or listen to any of a number of popular podcasts, and you’ll quickly see that most of the guest speakers and interviewees have written a book.

The fact is, interview shows depend on interesting, insightful guests to keep their audiences listening, and there’s no better applicant than an author. Writing a book will open up many, many opportunities for appearances that you may never have without your name on that cover. In fact, I didn’t receive my first paid speaking engagement, until I wrote my bestselling book, Unlock Your Potential.

Do you have to write a book to be successful? No. But there’s no denying the fact that a published author will find she has a much easier time positioning herself as an expert than the professional who keeps putting it off until later.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my insights on how to publish a book — including reflections on my own journey to self publishing my first book. Everyone can write books. But if you want to write good books,  stick with me as I provide you all the details.

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