Kimberly Buchanan offers one-on-one coaching for women who want to reach new goals.

Do you want to hit a specific income figure, start a side hustle, reach a career or educational goal, or work on reaching another personal goal for yourself?

The value of private, transformational coaching is being able to receive personalized and customized guidance and advice for YOUR specific desires, career goals and personal challenges. Coaching will maximize your potential and therefore unlock a source of creativity and productivity you may have not have known was inside you.

Kimberly Buchanan has helped women like you move from where they are to living their best lives.

Let’s Work


Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a top business executive, we all want ‘MORE’ for your lives.  If you are concerned that you can’t succeed or you don’t have time to work on yourself, Kimberly’s program will put your fears to rest.

Coaching will help you:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Remove distractions
  • Get more done in less time
  • Clear up any confusion about what’s holding you back
  • Understand exactly what your step-by-step process should be


STEP 1: Fill out this application

STEP 2: Wait for a phone call from Kimberly

STEP 3: Get Kimberly’s expert advice about the best plan of action for your unique situation.

STEP 4: Pay your invoice to get started

STEP 5: Schedule your one-on-one sessions

The Details

What’s Included?

What you get

  • Live one-on-one coaching with Kimberly
  • Daily accountability and challenges to complete
  • A new plan for your days so you actually have time to work on what matters most to you.
  • A written plan of action

GET TO KNOW Kimberly

A perfect mix of corporate and your average homegirl. Hence, The Corporate Homegirl. I tend to think all things creative and branding, but I also know how to turn it off and just be a good listener and friend.  That’s why my blog, and all of my platforms, are both business and motivational. 

Oh wow! It’s complicated… but in a very good way. You see, I don’t subscribe to doing only “one thing”. I am multi-talented and I recognize that, so I use a variety of the gifts God has given me. Let me break it down for you.   

By day, I am a corporate professional, so I do actually use my communications degrees.  But in my spare time, I love to write books (preferably bestsellers) that help other people to move past fear and stuck moments so they can use their own gifts in multiple ways. My blog and my podcast are both focused on how to unlock your full potential to build a brand around things you are already good at and those things that make your heart sing. I also coach people one-on-one. I often have to move past my own fear in my role as a keynote speaker to large groups who want to know more about my story or how to move past stuck moments to build a widely successful personal brand.   


I spent most of my life as an only child, growing up in a mid-size city in Illinois, where I was surrounded by close family and lots of cousins. I finished my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in corporate communications from Northern Illinois University, and then I moved back home. David and I married more than 20 years ago. When we decided to have children, we moved to a small, rural town in the Midwest. It’s a little bit of a drive to get to the good department stores, but I love it here. It’s just me, my husband, our boys and our goldendoodle, Max. He’s part of the family, too.   

That’s a good question and the answer is quite long. Scroll down on the page to find the answer.

“Kimberly helped me organize and get my ideas into a tangible plan to work.”

“This was a wonderful professional experience with a coach who is well versed on helping you to execute your visions and dreams.”
Dr. Amber Beal

“I was struggling with knowing what business I could launch with my skills and gifts

 I also lacked focus and a plan on how to turn these skills into viable product offerings that customers will buy.”
David Sidney, 
Founder and President
Place Foundry

Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Kimberly

I am an international bestselling author, speaker, certified transformation coach and an award-winning corporate professional. I am also wife, mom and mentor to a community of amazing women.

I provide valuable content, training and transformational coaching to help you overcome your fears and gain the courage to use your unique skill sets beyond just your day job. You are unique, skilled and somone out there is looking for what you have to offer.

I am soooo ready to roll up my sleeves, kick my heels off, and create a step-by-step plan that moves you from stuck to unstoppable. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Just you and me, one-on-one!