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When Kimberly takes the stage, she is passionate about helping individualS:
  • Think about how they can use their unique skills to fulfill their ultimate purpose.
  • Be open to establishing new goals and dreams.
  • Understand how to build a successful personal brand and message.
  • Overcome fear and courageously pursue new opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Maintain hope and perseverance during difficult circumstances.
  • Unlock their true potential and transform into all they desire to be.


ProFessional Bio

Kimberly Buchanan is an international bestselling author, speaker, certified transformation coach and an award-winning corporate professional. She is also a wife, mom and mentor to a community of amazing women.

Kimberly is best known for creating the Unlock Your Potential online platform. She created the platform for ambitious and courageous people with desires to make an impact on the world while still managing work, family and life. Kimberly provides valuable content, training and transformational coaching to help them overcome their fears and gain the courage to build a personal brand that extends beyond their day jobs. The majority of her clients have a desire to brand themselves as an expert in their field of expertise to gain more visibility both inside and outside of their companies.

Kimberly has more than 25 years of experience as a corporate communications professional, earning both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in her field of expertise. She gained the bulk of her experience as a professional consultant to some of the largest, global companies in the world including Daimler Chrysler, Discover Card, Accenture, and many others. Kimberly has also appeared in newspapers, TV and on nationally syndicated radio, and she has contributed her business, productivity, branding, and life planning expertise to national publications, including Forbes, Thrive Global , YAHOO! Finance and The Huffington Post.

Kimberly’s hard work and contributions to the world have not gone unrecognized. Her awards include Who’s Who Among Professionals and Entrepreneurs, the International Communicators Award, 40 Leaders Under Forty Award, NIU Alumni Award for Exemplary Professional Work, NAACP Outstanding Business Award, and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Member of the Year Award.

Kimberly speaks frequently at seminars, workshops and conferences. She currently resides in Illinois with her husband and their two sons. While all these accolades and the formal bio is great. Don’t get it twisted. This self-titled, “corporate homegirl” is not just all about business. She also enjoys R&B music, loves to host a good party, and talk all night about parenting, style, and décor, too.