How to Stay Sane While Managing Your Brand from Home

The remote/working from home option seems to be the way of the world these days. But the average entrepreneur is not only working from home, but also trying to manage a brand at the same time.

Thanks to technology like Google, Facetime, Zoom, and others, there are plenty of options that provide ample opportunity to communicate. But with so much noise out there in the world, big questions for entrepreneurs are things like, “Am I doing enough?” or “Which social platform is better?” or “Is my messaging on point? or “Are my ads effective?” or “TikTok is hot, should I move to that now?”

Thinking about all of this, and asking yourself these types of questions, can drive you INSANE. To simplify things and put your mind at ease, I want to give you some quick and easy ways to stay sane while managing your brand from home.

Action #20, in the revised and expanded edition of my bestselling book, Unlock Your Potential, is all about analyzing your comparisons. If you’re not careful, comparing yourself to others can get the best of you. It’s tempting to hear some rags-to-riches story and think, “What’s my excuse?” But instead of judging yourself beside other people, let their stories simply be a source of inspiration for you. One thing you need to remember is you don’t need to measure up to anyone else, and other people’s success has nothing to do with your own. Once you start to compare yourself to other people, doubts probably start running rampant in your head, and self-doubt can take hold and choke your growth. So remember, accept yourself for exactly who you are, appreciate the good qualities you have, and most importantly – be thankful for how far you’ve already come in your business.

It’s important to give your brain a break, and to let off some steam from time-to-time. Exercising can be a great outlet. One of my colleagues recently shared some of her favorite workout apps with me, and they’re pretty darn good:

  • SWORKIT: Subscription required. You can customize duration of workout and select type of workout.
  • HASFit: Free and it has really good HIIT workouts.
  • 8Fit: Subscription required. It has both workouts and nutrition guides.
  • Nike Training: Free.
  • 7M Workout: There are multiple options.

Making a few small adjustments to the way you start each day will totally make a difference in your energy level, work productivity, decision making, and how you approach obstacles throughout the day. Small habits like sleeping well and eating properly can get lost in the shuffle sometimes. A big part of this is time management to make sure you’re making the most of the time you have and aren’t getting dragged down rabbit holes on social media, projects that are out of scope, Google searches, email or other distractions. The best way to remain sane is to take control. And you take control by knowing what to expect out of your days.

Ask yourself, “What time do I want to wake up every day?”  “What will breakfast look like for me each day this week?” and “How many times will I engage in social media per day and what times will that be?” What about meditation or time for yourself? Where will you fit that in your day? What time will you shut everything down for dinner and family time in the evenings? And finally, what time will you go to bed every night of the work week? I know this is a lot, but what gets scheduled usually gets done. In my e-book, Morning Rituals, I outline how highly successful people (Oprah, Kelly Ripa, Justin Timberlake, and more) start their days, plus provide some great resources and tips. This is my most popular e-book, and it is no wonder why. Combine the Morning Rituals e-book with this FREE Weekly Schedule Worksheet and you’ll be unstoppable.

Take time out to treat yourself to something nice and relaxing. I like to chill with a good book. In one of my recent blogs, I talked about how I’ve found solace in reading and I shared THIS LIST of some of my favorite books of all time. Go check it out. And if books are not your deal, it  could be drawing, coloring, playing an instrument or watching your favorite television show. [bctt tweet=”Take time to do something good and relaxing for yourself each day. You need it, your brain needs it, and your sanity needs it too.” username=”@kimsbuchanan”]

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