Can Being Productive Actually Make You Happier?

We know being productive helps people to accomplish more. But does productivity actually make you happier? In a word…yes! Let’s look at a few ways productivity leads to increased happiness.

Enjoying What You Do. I’ve come to realize that working in a field you really enjoy helps you to be more productive and causes you to feel happier about the work you’re doing. Overall this leads to fulfillment and happiness. It’s hard to be happy when you’re doing work you don’t enjoy, and you feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Confidence in Your Ability to Accomplish Goals. When you’re productive, you can feel more self-assured about your ability to do what needs to be done for your business. Productivity gives you concrete evidence of your accomplishments.

Financial Freedom. When you’re more productive in your business it leads to more financial compensation. While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly helps to know that you’re not struggling to have basic needs met and can even afford a few luxuries.

You may gain income by making more sales in your home business or become eligible for a higher paying position with another company if you show how productive you can be. Ultimately, you’ll have more confidence and happiness.

Helping Others. When you’re productive and have your own jobs done and needs met, you’ll have more opportunities to help others. Research shows over and over that when you serve others you feel happier.

More Time for Fun. When you get your work done is a set amount of time, you have more free time. Many people spend hours and hours at work without actually getting things done. They may feel that they work hard, but they’re not actually productive.

Instead of spinning your wheels and wasting time, being productive allows you to get your work done and then have time for fun, family and friends.

The Right Mindset. Productive people are more likely to develop a positive mindset based on what’s most important. When you have solid priorities in work and life, you’ll find that happiness comes to you more easily.

If you’re struggling to be productive, you’ll find that working on focus and producing quality work can help you to feel more positive about your work and your life. Some people are naturally productive while others must work a little harder at learning a new way of life.

You’ll find, though, that the investment of time in becoming more productive will be returned with more free time, more fun and a happier outlook.

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