An Inside Look: Creating the 2020 Unlock Your Potential Planner

The new and improved 2020 Unlock Your Potential Planner is officially available! I’m so freaking proud of the finished product, and I want to give you a behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to get from idea to release date.

The concept came to me a few years ago, I was searching for something that would allow me to keep track of my yearly goals but still manage family, work, and find the additional “me-time” I needed to refresh. I wanted to create something for women like ME — the woman who’s busy with multiple responsibilities, yet ambitious and ready to take herself to that next level. I had actually been using parts of the the system already, but had never put it together to share in this way.

Was I afraid, you ask? Sure I was. But not of the process. I was more afraid of failing in front of other people. For so many years, I let that hold me back, but I’ve since come to understand that growth and learning from failures are a part of life. 

So last year, I decided to create the planner. Once it was finished, I gave free copies to some of the busiest, most ambitious women I know. Because if you want to know the truth, just ask a woman who likes what she likes and hates what she hates. There’s no in-between!

These 15 ladies used the planner for 2019, and gave me with their thoughts. I was scaaaared (in my Nelly voice).  I didn’t know what they were going to say, but I was also prepared for the truth. The reviews where excellent. As time went on the ladies were loving the planner and so I moved on to selling it more aggressively in the market. Again… great reviews.

The only request they all made was for me to make it a hard cover planner (for durability) with color pages throughout (because we like pretty things).

From start to finish – it took about 4 months to create the initial planner in 2019 – and another 4 months to make it REALLY GOOD for the new and improved 2020 release.

I made the adjustments, and here we are today. Because this planner is recommended by some of the busiest bosses I know – I have no doubt that the system will work for any woman who’s working towards new goals for herself, while still managing work + family + life.

Ladies, this one is truly for US! As you’re starting to plan for 2020, I hope you’ll take a look at the Unlock Your Potential Planner and discover how it can help you successfully manage your whole life, not just your to-do list.

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