3 Ways a Mantra Can Help Strong Women in 2019




What’s your Mantra for 2019?

If you read my most recent blog, you’ll recall I plan to be more open about my real life and share those experiences that I believe will help you live your best life – so here’s one of them. 

I like to go into the New Year with a little reminder to keep me going during those tough times, so this year I’m adopting a mantra. In case you are wondering what that is, here’s the official definition:


We all phase in and out of feeling strong, confident and driven. It can sometimes vary from week to week,  hour by hour and even second by second.  But life is not about what happens to you, it’s how you respond to it. 

Here’s why Strong Women like you should adopt a mantra in 2019:

  1. As a constant reminder that “you are enough, just as you are”
  2. Because you are what you repeatedly tell yourself you are
  3. To boost your confidence during times when you need to “move forward, even when you’re scared”

As I move into 2019, my mantra will be BORN READY. I went back and forth between other mantras, such as: 

  • Just Keep Swimming,
  • Fearless,
  • All I Need is Within Me, and
  • Trust the Journey

BORN READY spoke to my heart. In 2019,  I will remind myself that I was born to help women like you become the desired version of themselves. Born to do it while working, raising kids and being the best spouse I can be to David. Born to do it with a community of women like you.  Born to do it my way, without making any comparisons to others.  I will stand tall and let no doubts or insecurities enter my mind, simply because I was born ready. 

I want you to come on this journey with me. Pick out a mantra for yourself, adopt it for 2019 and we can mantra our way through the new year together.

I wanted you to see the Mantra Bracelet I’ll be wearing for the year, because I want you to have one for the mantra you choose, too. It’s a small investment with a lifetime impact. I’ll be wearing my bracelet in 2019 and I hope you will wear one with your mantra on it, too.

Click this link, surf through and find your own Mantra Bracelet.  Tag me on social media once it arrives. The bracelets are one size fits all – and there are hundreds of different mantras to choose so I know you will find one that speaks to your heart. I teamed up with this company as an affiliate because I admire how the bracelets represent optimism, positivity and mindfulness. I’ll add BORN READY to my collection (I have six of these already) as a daily reminder, affirmation and inspiration. 

Get yours today. Let’s mantra our way through 2019. USE THE CODE KB10 to get 10% off at checkout. 



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