Is Being a People-Pleaser Holding You Back?

Do you find yourself stressed out thinking about what other people think of you? This feeling can be even more prevalent during the holidays when we visit family members and friends that we might not see on a regular basis. You might be worried about what Aunt Sue will think of your new side hustle, or how grandma feels about your decision to move to another city.

It’s common to be influenced by those around us, especially the people we’re closest to and whose opinions we value. However, putting value on the opinions of others can hold you back from achieving your dreams. Here are some reasons you should let go of the perceptions and expectations of others, so you can start focusing on living your very best life:

They Can’t Affect Your Worth. Your self-worth does not depend on anyone other than yourself. What anyone thinks about you and the choices you make does not reflect on who you are as a person. It can be easy to put more emphasis on what someone you care about thinks over your own beliefs. Try to avoid that trap, as it will only serve to keep you stuck in a life that’s not authentic.

They Don’t Know What’s Best for You. No one can know what you’ve been through, what you bring to the table, and where you’re going better than you can. Always trust your gut when making an important life decision. You know yourself best. You ultimately must answer to yourself, not to anyone else.

Listening to Others Will Hold You Back. You’ll never be able to live the life you desire if you are fixated on what others think. Their opinions may not be in line with your true values and beliefs. When you follow their values system over your own, you’re bound to end up on the wrong path for you.

They Probably Aren’t Thinking About You. Truthfully, we’re all programmed to be focused primarily on meeting our own needs. We’re not selfish. We simply get caught up in our own day-to-day activities. That means it’s likely that others aren’t giving your life and the choices you make as much consideration as it feels like they are. So, get out there and live your own life without worry what others think. They probably aren’t thinking about you, anyway.

You’ll Never Please Everyone. Someone will always be critical of you, so it makes sense to live life on your own terms. Sometimes the people you care about may not actually want you to grow and thrive because that means you might leave them behind. You can’t make everyone happy, so take the time to focus on fulfilling your own dreams and priorities.

Keep these tips in mind when you find yourself being consumed by the opinions of others. What they think doesn’t matter. Only you know what’s best for you.

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