5 Worst Blunders of Social Media Management

While social media can improve your personal and professional brand, if it isn’t executed correctly, you’re just wasting your time. You can’t expect to have high a quality brand by slapping up a few posts and believing that people are going to put their trust and support behind you. It takes initiative and understanding of certain techniques.

This list of the five big social media blunders will help you understand what to avoid if you want to be successful.

Failure to Formalize a Plan

One of the biggest blunders that you can make is to avoid creating a list of goals that you want to tackle with your various social media networks. You need some type of inspiration to put you in the driver’s seat and a direction in which to head.  Each of your social media platforms should have a specific purpose that can be broken down into small steps, which will help you reach larger goals.


Failure to Engage With Your Audience

Creating accounts on a few different social media platforms and then failing to post on a consistent basis will not help your brand. When you create content for social media, the intention should be to have your audience respond in some type of fashion. This opens the door for communication and helps you develop a relationship with people who are interested in what you have to say. 


Trying to Build Authority by Using Fake Followers

You should never buy fake reviews or followers. In most cases, they look fake, and they really do you a disservice.

Why would you want to go this route when you can actually learn from feedback, both good and constructive? With real reactions, this is your chance to see what you’ve done right and wrong so that you can start closing those gaps.


Choosing the Wrong Metrics

To be successful with social media, you really have to know which type of metrics are important for understanding how to grow your brand.

This type of data is not going to be metrics that relate to simple statistics such as follower growth. While this is important, you really need to dig down deeper and understand which efforts are paying off the best.

This can be done by watching the reaction of your audience when you post new material or repurpose something from your website (if you have one), your You Tube, blog, etc.


Trying to Use Too Many Platforms

Quality is much better than quantity when you are utilizing social media to build your brand. If you decide to spread yourself too thin by signing up for multiple social media platforms, you’ll probably fail.

There is not going to be enough time for you to adequately post the type of content that’s needed on each platform to fully engage with people.

With automation and the ease of creating scheduled posts, it’s way too easy to get in the trap of believing that you are building a presence on social media when you’re actually accomplishing nothing.

It’s much better to use a single social media platform that you can dedicate your self too. You can still use automated tools to make it easier. However, by incorporating quick, organic posts, it shows your real personality as well as your commitment to the platform and the community.


Avoid Common Blunders to Achieve Success

You are now armed with valuable information that you can use to become successful on social media. Avoid big blunders and initiate quality posts, and you will start to expand your brand and accumulate more fans.

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