Hard things are HARD! But I finally did it…and you can too.

I’ve been working on something really cool. I’ve teased it a bit over the past few months, while keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed in hopes that everything will turn out fine.

As many of your know, back in 2018, I wrote a book. But I didn’t just write A BOOK, I wrote an international bestselling book! And after selling many copies of Unlock Your Potential, some of my readers expressed a desire to know more. They felt I had only scratched the surface.

As someone who has always been very private and reserved, giving you more was HARD for me to imagine. But then, I realized that we create new realities for our future selves when we learn how to do the HARD THINGS. It’s even better when we do that hard work in spite of our fears and the challenges we imagine we could face down the road.

Today, I’m proud to say I’ve been able to dig deep and give you more…

I’ve created a revised and expanded edition of my book, Unlock Your Potential and it’s launching on Monday, February 17. Here’s what to expect in my new book:

  • Pages packed with 21 Actions that can help you move from stuck to unstoppable
  • Reflection questions for you to answer, following each of the 21 Actions
  • Paperback, Kindle and hardcover options (yes, I really did listen to you)
  • An optional separate workbook for those who told me you don’t like to write your reflection responses in the book itself

My team and I will be celebrating all month long. I’m not only celebrating the new book, I’m also celebrating my ability to do HARD THINGS like being more vulnerable with my readers!

Here’s the plan:

  • Tuesday, February 11 – LIVE unboxing of a new shipment of books on my Facebook page
  • Thursday, February 13 – My weekly audio message featuring excerpts from the new book that will help you do HARD THINGS.
  • Next Monday, February 17 – Book Launch Day, featuring a special bundle for a great value
  • Next Thursday, February 20 – An invitation to my party on March 2. Stay tuned for details!

I overcame my fears and vulnerabilities to do the HARD THINGS, and I know you can too! Let’s take this journey together and move you from STUCK to UNSTOPPABLE.

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