4 Leadership Habits That Can Stifle Business Growth

Whether you operate a side hustle or a full-time business, charting business growth sometimes takes on urgency. The costs associated with operating a business may pressure you to increase revenue streams. Expansive growth could help with boosting profits and growing market share. Not everyone in a management position, however, does what is necessary to avoid mishaps. As a leader, you sometimes can’t afford multiple mistakes, or else your business (or side venture) could suffer. Here are four top leadership mistakes to avoid.


Skilled leaders possess a healthy level of self-confidence. As a leader, you will find yourself consistently making decisions. Draw confidence from your experience and intuition. Not feeling entirely sure all the time is normal, though. Suffering from consistent self-doubt, however, presents significant problems. Positivity Blog recommends to, know when to listen and when to ignore that voice. There are times that self doubt can guide you to better choices, but many times if you let that self doubt spiral, it’ll only end up hurting you in the end. Female leaders sometimes face harsh working environments. So, we must be vigilant in overcoming creeping feelings of self-doubt.

Anyone in a leadership position must believe in him or herself. Otherwise, those around you (and your clients)  may doubt your skills and abilities. Effectively managing a team and running a business becomes difficult at this point.

A warning exists here. As a leader, you shouldn’t become overconfident and stubborn. Being deliberate and cautious isn’t the same as being doubtful.

Vices and Addictions

Addictive and behavioral issues can undermine your ability to lead. Gambling, compulsive spending, overeating, and other addiction-oriented behaviors could sidetrack your life. Anyone dealing with any severe vice or addiction may benefit from counseling and treatment.

Poor Time Management

Don’t fall into the trap of confusing efficiency with productivity. The efficient leader works hard in an effort to not waste money nor make poor decisions. His or her leadership talents also come with a commitment to quality. However, if the volume of efficient work takes forever to complete, productivity lags. Skills You Need explains that there is a key difference between urgency and importance. It’s essential as a leader, and as a productive person to be able to differentiate between the two. Poor productivity  drags down a business. And poor productivity is commonly associated with poor time management.

Leaders who fail to manage their time effectively must make a course correction. Even making minor improvements and adjustments could lead to significant increases in productivity. Take the necessary steps to boost weak time management skills immediately.

Inability to Delegate

Being a leader means you have followers. In the office, your team represents your followers. Talented leaders delegate tasks to the right team members and then make sure the duties are carried out. A sharp leader knows when, where, and how to delegate things. Edward Lowe emphasizes that delegation shouldn’t ever become a situation where you “dumps” hated or time consuming tasks on others. Rather it is a key management strategy that should help everyone be able to use their strengths more effectively.

Effective delegating requires maintaining the right team. Implementing smart training practices enhances the ability to delegate responsibilities reliably.

Becoming an effective leader requires effort and commitment. Also, good leaders embody proper habits and traits. Embrace the right way to do things and minimize your flaws. Good things should follow.

Here’s a free delegation worksheet to get your going

Sometimes to overcome bad habits or negative leadership qualities, it requires intervention. Check out the professional and personal courses that Kimberly Buchanan has available! We know you won’t regret learning how to be a better leader!

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