3 Ways to Get Focused for 2020

Now that December is here, I'm sure many of you are thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2020. I know I am! But sometimes in the excitement of goal-setting, you can start to feel like you’re spinning in circles with too many goals, or even goals that conflict with each other. Trust me when ... READ the POST

Is Being a People-Pleaser Holding You Back?

Do you find yourself stressed out thinking about what other people think of you? This feeling can be even more prevalent during the holidays when we visit family members and friends that we might not see on a regular basis. You might be worried about what Aunt Sue will think of your new side hustle, ... READ the POST

Break Free of the Worry Trap

With Thanksgiving only a few days away and the holiday season in full swing, life is bound to get a little (or a lot) more stressful than normal. There are meals to prepare, parties to host, gifts to purchase and wrap, cards to address…and probably a dozen other things you’re thinking about right ... READ the POST

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