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Episode 1: Introducing: The Unlock Your Potential Podcast

SUMMARY The Unlock Your Potential Podcast with Kimberly Buchanan is designed for women who are smart, skilled, creative and ready to use their skill sets to reach goals that are beyond just their day jobs. As a bestselling author, speaker, transformation coach, and mentor to a community of women, I’m passionate about helping people like you create plans, back them up with meaningful action, and transform into the best versions of ... READ the POST

8 Surprising Ways Walking Can Improve Your Brain Power

  It might surprise you to hear that something as simple as walking can actually improve your brainpower. It doesn’t even have to be full-on power walking! Even a twenty- or thirty-minute walk during your lunch break can have a positive impact on your brain. Here are eight ways science has proven that walking is excellent for your brain. 1. Walking Helps Lower Your Risk of Depression Walking is an excellent way to improve your mental ... READ the POST

How to Stay Sane While Managing Your Brand from Home

The remote/working from home option seems to be the way of the world these days. But the average entrepreneur is not only working from home, but also trying to manage a brand at the same time. Thanks to technology like Google, Facetime, Zoom, and others, there are plenty of options that provide ample opportunity to communicate. But with so much noise out there in the world, big questions for entrepreneurs are things like, “Am I doing enough?” ... READ the POST

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