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3 Steps to Multi-task Your Way to Success

  It’s a new day for busy people who are always on the move, like you. If you are anything like the rest of us, you are often inspired and motivated to take on new tasks and reach new goals. But sometimes, in the midst of that excitement, you can take on too much, too quickly, making it easy to multi-task your way into overwhelm and burnout. You're probably already thinking about all you need to get done this month - or by the end of this ... READ the POST

7 Steps to Make Meaninful Connections at Your Next Client Meeting

  As a busy woman, with two growing boys and a successful business, I rarely have any time to waste. One thing that’s really important to me is a personal connection with my business clients. This can be face-to-face, via conference call, Skype or a platform of your choice. No matter how we connect, I want to ensure that everyone gets the most out of it. With this in mind, I’ve learned to make meaningful connections with clients, within a ... READ the POST

10 Things Successful Mompreneurs Do Different

  One of the most rewarding, yet sometimes challenging, decisions I’ve ever made is to start a business. It’s a high-level commitment that demands a lot of my time, my patience, and my focus. I love my job, and the satisfaction and income that comes with it. But being an entrepreneur, and raising a family at the same time, means you must be on top of your game at all times. The number of women-owned businesses is growing at nearly ... READ the POST

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