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How to Bring Your Best Self to the Workplace

Are there times when you are under work stress and you say things you regret immediately? Maybe you are having trouble gaining your direct reports’ respect, or your colleagues keep you at arm’s length. These are signs that you may not be presenting your best self at work, and the problem may be ... READ the POST

Top 5 Things That Hold Most Women Back

A few years back, while going through a professional transition, I was asked to create a Life Plan, which forced me to look at my Envisioned Future in a whole new way. At first I thought, “This is a total waste of time.” But none-the-less, I went through the process. As I documented my vision, I ... READ the POST

What Your Audience Wants From Your Next Speaking Engagement

  I recently spoke to a room full of professional employees at a Fortune 500 company. The talk was a step-by-step process designed to assist people with building a professional brand presence. I can always count on this type of crowd to provide valuable feedback, so I asked each professional ... READ the POST

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