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4 Things You Can Do Now to Deal with Distractions

In a perfect world you would be so focused on your work that nothing could distract you. But in the real world, it rarely works that way. So how do you deal with inevitable distractions and keep your productivity levels high? ... READ the POST

How to Break Your Procrastination Habit

We’ve all done it, even though we know we shouldn’t. We tell ourselves "I'll watch one more episode" or "I'll just quickly check Facebook" before we start an important task. We keep finding excuses, put things off until the last minute, and ultimately sabotage our productivity. Procrastination is ... READ the POST

Do Your Daily Choices Align with Your Long-Term Goals?

That summer hiatus I took a few months ago truly renewed me. I was serious when I said I'm back, energized and ready to work towards my goals. And... I'm bringing you along so you can work on your goals, too! Reaching your long-term goals depends on the actions you take each day. Every small step ... READ the POST

5 Sure Ways to Take Charge of Social Media

Social media is a way of life in modern society. There are so many platforms to connect with others and share snippets from your own life. Connections are being made like never before, and there are tons of advantages to these platforms. Unfortunately, there are also some downsides. When you’re ... READ the POST

Stressed Today? Take Control of the Chaos with a Brain Dump.

Last week alone, I launched my 2020 Unlock Your Potential Planner. I was managing painters who were in and out to paint my ENTIRE house. I took my son, who happens to have a broken ankle at the moment, back and forth to school. And, I hosted a baby shower for my sister, on top of a women's Life ... READ the POST

Feeling Stuck? Widen Your Perspective.

Sometimes the thing that’s keeping us from unlocking our potential is just that we feel TRAPPED. We've all been there. You may not know why you feel this way, but you are pretty clear on one thing... you’re not where you want to be. The key to getting unstuck is to take stock of your life, your ... READ the POST

An Inside Look: Creating the 2020 Unlock Your Potential Planner

The new and improved 2020 Unlock Your Potential Planner is officially available! I’m so freaking proud of the finished product, and I want to give you a behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to get from idea to release date. The concept came to me a few years ago, I was searching for ... READ the POST

Stop Being Busy and Get What You Want

Do you find that you’re always busy? Sometimes people confuse being busy with being productive. Unfortunately, these two things aren’t the same, and being busy for the sake of being busy usually leads to feeling unfulfilled. If you think you may be addicted to needlessly over-scheduling yourself, ... READ the POST

New Month, New Opportunities [Free Worksheets]

During my summer hiatus, I learned that being your best self starts with taking care of YOU! But in the midst of our very busy schedules, it can sometimes take a backseat. Perhaps you have vacation time that you haven't been able to use yet.  Perhaps you want a 20-minute breather to focus on your ... READ the POST

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Wait for the Right Time

Living your life intentionally means taking risks. It involves pushing past fear and doubt in order to achieve your goals and live on your own terms. That can be an intimidating thing, which is why it’s so common for us to allow our inner critic to convince us to wait for the right time to branch ... READ the POST

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