New Month, New Opportunities [Free Worksheets]

During my summer hiatus, I learned that being your best self starts with taking care of YOU! But in the midst of our very busy schedules, it can sometimes take a backseat. Perhaps you have vacation time that you haven't been able to use yet.  Perhaps you want a 20-minute breather to focus on your ... READ the POST

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Wait for the Right Time

Living your life intentionally means taking risks. It involves pushing past fear and doubt in order to achieve your goals and live on your own terms. That can be an intimidating thing, which is why it’s so common for us to allow our inner critic to convince us to wait for the right time to branch ... READ the POST

Start Where You Are Right Now

Do you ever just feel like you’re putting your life on hold? Maybe you’re waiting for the perfect time to do what you’ve always wanted to do. You might think you need to get yourself to a better career position before moving forward. Perhaps you don’t think you deserve to take time for yourself when ... READ the POST

How to Jump-Start Your Side Hustle [Free Assessment]

Hey, It's me, Kimberly. If you're new around here, welcome! You'll notice that from time to time I like to share special freebies that can help you Unlock Your Potential. 'Tis the season for tricks and treats (but I'll skip the trick). I've been doing a lot of research lately, and I want to ... READ the POST

Here’s What’s Causing Your Productivity to Slip

We all want to be as productive as possible at work.  But sometimes we find our productivity slipping and can’t really identify the problem.  There are several reasons you may not be accomplishing as much as you’d like. Unclear Goals.  If you’re not clear about what it is you want to accomplish, ... READ the POST

Behind the Scenes: How Productive People Think

If you follow me on social, you know I took a little hiatus over the summer, just for some down time, some self care, a quick family vacation, and to put more of a focus on being productive vs. busy. Sometimes, we have to take time out of our busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life. ... READ the POST

5 clever hacks to simplify any family’s morning routine

Getting the family out the door on time every morning is no small feat. Seemingly simple tasks like getting dressed, packing backpacks and making breakfast can quickly turn into chaos. Before you know it, you're running late and the kids haven't even eaten as you dash to the car. Stop dreading ... READ the POST

7 Common Questions About The MoreLife Planner – Answered!

1. With all the planners out there now, what makes The MoreLife Planner different? This planner was designed with women in mind. I wanted to create something for the woman who’s busy and maybe even working, but still wants to find time to get things done and achieve personal goals. 2. Is this ... READ the POST

Five Social Media Hacks For Working Women

What better way to expand your personal brand than with social media? Instagram alone has more than 1 billion monthly users. While all the social platforms are growing rapidly, it can be hard for busy women who are working and managing families to keep up. What we don’t realize is that platforms ... READ the POST

What’s on your list of things to let go?

Here’s mine. The New Year is always a great time to reflect on the past. Last week, I offered you a free Goals Reflection Workbook because it’s been proven that self reflection is an important tool at any stage of your career and your life. The reflection process is also a great time to let go of ... READ the POST

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