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Episode 6: Be intentional with what you want in 2021

SUMMARY For this New Year, I want to help you achieve your goals effectively by being an intentional person. , removing everything that stands between you and the life you want to live, creating goals, and achieving your objectives, as well as educating yourself in the areas you need to improve. In this episode, I will give you the necessary steps to create the smart goals that will get you close to your dreams. You can also listen ... READ the POST

Be Intentional with What You Want in 2021

Be Intentional with What You Want in 2021 Happy New Year everyone! For this New Year, I want to help you achieve your goals effectively by being an intentional person.  We’ve got tons of material for you in 2021. Living your best life involves a great number of aspects. The goals you set will be very personal and unique to you. However, there are some common goals and strategies I want to share that can help anyone achieve what they want ... READ the POST

Episode 5: Legal Must-Haves for Small Business and Side Hustle Newbies – Kimberly with Attorney John Lanpher

SUMMARY Setting up a new business as an LLC, Corporation, etc. is sometimes scary to think about and in this episode, I sit down with my business attorney, John Lanpher, to discuss the steps necessary to set up your small business or side hustle the right way, and protect your personal assets and your business. We discussed the importance of reading and understanding the fine print of agreements, the difference between employees of your ... READ the POST

Episode 4: From Survival Mode to Unlocking Her Creative – Kimberly with Teraza Stacy

SUMMARY In this episode, Kimberly introduces Teraza Stacy as her very first guest on The Unlock Your Potential Podcast. Ms. Stacy is Founder and Lead Creative at Stacy James Creative, a blog and business that focuses on DIY, interior design, style, and organization. Kimberly sat down with Teraza to discuss what life was like prior to starting her business, and how unlocking her potential gave her the personal tools to achieve her business ... READ the POST

Episode 3: My Best Tips To Prepare And Deliver From A Virtual Stage

  SUMMARY In this episode, Kimberly shares her top five tips on how to successfully prepare and deliver from a virtual stage, like the professional that you are. Preparing and having a strategy is the perfect equation for a successful presentation.  You can also listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, or anywhere you listen to podcasts! EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS (01:43) My first virtual ... READ the POST

Episode 2: The Day I Unlocked My Potential

SUMMARY Today's episode is all about answering and laying out the full story of what I mean by unlocking your full potential and what makes me qualified to speak on the topic.  You can also listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, or anywhere you listen to podcasts! EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS (01:59) My journey from my 9-5 to how I started to unlock my full potential (03:42) The day I thought my hopes ... READ the POST

Episode 1: Introducing: The Unlock Your Potential Podcast

SUMMARY The Unlock Your Potential Podcast with Kimberly Buchanan is designed for women who are smart, skilled, creative and ready to use their skill sets to reach goals that are beyond just their day jobs. As a bestselling author, speaker, transformation coach, and mentor to a community of women, I’m passionate about helping people like you create plans, back them up with meaningful action, and transform into the best versions of ... READ the POST

8 Surprising Ways Walking Can Improve Your Brain Power

  It might surprise you to hear that something as simple as walking can actually improve your brainpower. It doesn’t even have to be full-on power walking! Even a twenty- or thirty-minute walk during your lunch break can have a positive impact on your brain. Here are eight ways science has proven that walking is excellent for your brain. 1. Walking Helps Lower Your Risk of Depression Walking is an excellent way to improve your mental ... READ the POST

How to Stay Sane While Managing Your Brand from Home

The remote/working from home option seems to be the way of the world these days. But the average entrepreneur is not only working from home, but also trying to manage a brand at the same time. Thanks to technology like Google, Facetime, Zoom, and others, there are plenty of options that provide ample opportunity to communicate. But with so much noise out there in the world, big questions for entrepreneurs are things like, “Am I doing enough?” ... READ the POST

What’s Getting Me Through Right Now

I hope you are hanging in there. These times have tested all of us when it comes to balance, adjusting to all kinds of distractions, and finding a new normal. Amidst the challenges we are facing in the adjustment to our new normal, many of us have been forced to be still. And during this down time, we are discovering that certain things in our lives were not as essential as we thought – and others are more essential than we imagined. As for ... READ the POST

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